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Learn to thrive not just survive with Sophrology

I spent over 30 years doing work I was passionate about in the Social Care field, latterly in senior positions (See LinkedIn profile). But a serious health scare led on to major surgery and the recognition that I was completely burnt out. I had been living on a treadmill of stress for too long and I felt completely depleted with extreme fatigue and a mind that could not concentrate.

Then I found Sophrology. It immediately made sense to me. I had practised meditation intermittently, trained in mindfulness, used Sports Psychology techniques effectively and used a mind-body technique to help my son recover from chronic fatigue syndrome. Sophrology seemed to bring all this together and more into one method. I was hooked!

Sophrology helped me to recover from burnout and to feel “connected up”, whole, and fully wonderfully alive and ME again! I now feel more grounded, peaceful, and contented. Through Sophrology I have discovered a new way of living and being which is just amazing!

It has been transformational for me, and I am now on a personal mission to share the tools and techniques I have learnt with others.

Why work with me?

What I bring is:

  • personal experiences of using sophrology and mind-body practices to aid recovery from chronic fatigue and burn out.
  • use of complimentary tools and techniques to create a unique brand of Sophrology.
  • a style based on coaching and partnership. I bring my expertise; you retain autonomy and control and make Sophrology your own.
  • an approach which is warm, friendly, understanding, intuitive, and professional (with a little dose of fun and humour!!)

I am a member of the International Sophrology Federation (ISF) and The Sophrology Network.

See what clients say about me

“Beryl is kind, knowledgeable and has a good sense of humour. She has a calming voice and is a good listener. She explains things well and is a great teacher. “  Jo Heckley

“10/10. Because she emanates serenity and positive energy. She is also very empathetic and readily accessible and responsive to any personal concerns one might have. I feel blessed to have met Beryl. She is a beautiful human being and an excellent facilitator – Beryl was born to do this”  Iraida Iturralde

Are you ready to thrive rather than survive? To treat self-care as a priority?

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