Success Stories

Success stories

Long Covid group programme


This was a twelve-week Sophrology programme for people with Long Covid. It was designed to address their specific needs and was fully evaluated.

All wellbeing measures showed significant improvement. Most notably there was an:

  • 84% improvement in general outlook on life and
  • 80% improvement in physical wellbeing and.

For more information see the full study.

“The course has been so beneficial for my health and spiritual wellbeing, and I will use the tools learned for the rest of my life.”  Jade Collier

“I would highly recommend to others as a therapeutic way of trying to deal with Long Covid and its symptoms.”  Stacey Hall

Individual client experiences


Jan West

Jan has a demanding and stressful job at a GP practice. She has arthritis which gives her a lot of pain and gets regular headaches. She generally has poor sleep and can “get low” and is a bit of a “worrier.” She had 8 sessions and felt she had gained hugely from Sophrology. She described the following benefits:

 “It has given me the tools to use when I am feeling so tense. I am much calmer now and get less frustrated by things. I am more accepting of what is now, and I have a different attitude. I try not to focus on negative things. I have also learnt to pace myself better and I have more energy.  It is part of my life now; I do not want to stop it.”


Jean Young

Jean is an elderly woman who has several health conditions which leave her with restricted mobility and daily pain. Her husband had died a few months before she started a programme of 7 Sophrology sessions.

Jean loved Sophrology and it helped her in several ways:

“I have reduced pain and am not taking tablets so much. I am sleeping better, and I don’t worry if I wake. My head is better organised – not in such a tumult. I am calmer and get less frustrated. My posture and breathing have improved. It has made me a lot happier. I know how to get rid of the bad bits and bring in the good bits “.

Over a year later Sophrology remains a daily part of Jean’s life:

“I now practice it every day when I go to bed and if I didn’t, I would be 10 times worse. “

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