Sophrology – a “fantastic toolkit for life”

I can work with you individually, in a group programme or through corporate employee wellbeing offers.

Work with Me

So, what are the benefits of working with me?

For all my clients I provide:

  • A bespoke programme that addresses your unique needs and goals.
  • Live coaching in practical tools and techniques that you can use immediately in your daily life.
  • An audio recording of your tailored guided practice for your personal use.
  • An individualised toolkit of exercises for you to use on your life journey.
  • An agreed upon plan for monitoring and evaluating improvements.

Group programmes

I create supportive spaces where participants share and learn from one another and find connection through collective experiences.  See for example the Long Covid group programme.

The current programmes I am running are:

From “Stressed Out” to “Chilled Out”

A 7-session programme providing tools and techniques to relax and manage stress more effectively.

Relax and revitalise

A 7-session programme for individuals living with chronic illness seeking to regain control of their health and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

My programmes are LIVE and are tailored to meet your needs. They can be carried out on-line or in person in the West/Mid Kent area.

Get in touch and let’s work it out together.

Employee wellbeing

As employers in this post Covid world there is an increased need to prioritise your employees’ wellbeing to maximise performance and retention. Sophrology sessions can be themed to address specific issues and be provided in a variety of ways for example through webinars, workshops, away days and group programmes. Training is practical, engaging and provides immediate take aways.

I work with you to customise a programme to best meet your needs.

Get in touch and start planning.

Individual sessions

You have your own unique experiences, needs and goals. Individual sessions provide a programme developed just for you, and at your own pace.

Sessions last for up to an hour and take place on-line via Zoom or face to face at the Malling Clinic in West Malling, Kent.

The cost is £60.00 for an individual session. Most people benefit from having several sessions of Sophrology. The cost is £270.00 for an individual programme of 5 sessions. (10% discount)

Get in touch and we can discuss your personal needs.

(We are facing difficult times. If you are concerned about payment – please reach out to discuss. Don’t let it be a deterrent.)

See what my clients are saying

“It felt very comforting being in a group of like-minded people were all going through the same experience”.   Amanda Smith

“Beryl is a fantastic facilitator. You feel immediately at ease with her. Her programme is very well articulated and detailed.”   Natalie Baker

“I came to see Beryl for stress management. Her Sophrology sessions are relaxing, powerful, and imaginative. She is a compassionate Sophrologist and has a great intuition for understanding what works for her clients.”   Alessia M

Work with me